Découvrez un extrait du prochain roman de Karina Halle dans la trilogie MCGREGOR BROTHERS baptisé THE PLAY (publié à l’origine sur la page Facebook de l’auteur ici).


Un rugbyman écossais torturé qui ne suit aucune règle. Une mangeuse d’hommes qui a abandonné l’idée de trouver l’amour. En ce qui concerne Lachlan et Kayla, les opposés ne s’attirent pas, ils explosent!

Kayla Moore a toujours été à l’aise avec son image de mangeuse d’hommes. Enfin, ça allait jusqu’à ce qu’elle fête ses 30 ans et voit ses amies Stephanie et Nicola se mettre en couple avec Liden et Bram McGregor. Kayla se retrouve la seule célibataire dans son groupe. Fatiguée d’être la 5ème roue du carrosse, des nuits sans lendemain et des rendez-vous foireux à San Francisco où elle habite, Kayla fait une croix sur les hommes et décide de mettre tout cela en suspens pendant un temps. C’était sans compter sur sa rencontre avec le cousin de Liden et Bram, le très sexy écossais Lachlan McGregor. Lachlan est son fantasme personnifié avec une carrière de rugbyman à Edimbourg à l’apogée en prime.

C’est typiquement le genre d’homme pour qui Kayla briserait son voeu de célibat. Toutefois, Lachlan est tellement intense et silencieux que cela rend difficile sa tentative de se rapprocher de lui. Ce n’est qu’une fois qu’ils passent une nuit inoubliable ensemble que Kayla réalise qu’il y a plus qui se cache sous la surface chez le rugbyman. Même si les étincelles sont là, Lachlan ne peut pas rester aux Etats-Unis indéfiniment. Kayla doit décider si cela vaut la peine pour elle de tout quitter pour le suivre…


Extrait : (en anglais)

I can’t walk properly.
My body aches, everywhere. Like after the rugby game, but worse and better all at the same time. Because there’s friction between my legs, and other places, that reminds me of what we did all night long.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
It’s like I need to keep pinching myself all day except my sore body keeps doing it for me. Every move I make and I’m reminding of Lachlan. His unbelievable cock. His skilled, possessive hands. His gorgeous lips…everywhere. Those eyes, those searing, searching eyes that wouldn’t look away, not for a minute. Those eyes touched me, held me, caressed me just as any other part of him did. Last night I felt completely, wonderfully overtaken by this Scottish beast and I’m just still in awe.
It actually happened.
He gave me the best sex of my whole entire life.
How the fuck was I ever going to get over this?
Luckily he wanted to see me again. Right away. I would have come over right after work – it makes sense since he lives close to the office. But I needed to gather my thoughts and regroup. I needed to process what happened before I was swept away again because that man is a current that I can’t fight against. The next week with him will drown me if I don’t get my head on straight.
Before the work day is over, I finally answer Steph and Nicola’s frantic texts and tell them to meet me at the Lion at 6pm for girl talk.
Of course, when I actually get to the Lion and see Steph and Nicola at the booth, talking to each other over beers, I freeze up. Everything that had just happened doesn’t seem like something I can communicate, not without sounding like an idiot, not without selling him short.
I breathe in deeply and walk toward them, trying to keep a straight face, even though I feel a smile pulling on my lips.
They both turn to look at me and stop talking.
“My god,” Steph says slowly, looking me up and down.
“What?” I look down at what I’m wearing, skinny black jeans and a tie-neck blouse. I had put the outfit on in a hurry that morning while Lachlan was taking a shower. My thoughts immediately flit back to his eyes as they watched me soap up, then our reflection as he fucked me from behind. Up the god damn ass. I mean, I’d done it before but it had never been like that. That was good. Hot as all hell. And unexpected, especially from Lachlan, but the man he was when he was fucking was a lot different from the one I’d been around before.
“Kayla?” Nicola asks.
I shake my head and look at them. “Yeah what?”
Steph laughs, eyes wide in disbelief. “Oh my god. You so got fucking laid.”
There was no point in denying it. “What makes you say that?”
“You’re glowing,” Nicola says.
“And you’ve got a shit-eating grin on your face,” Steph adds. “Now sit the fuck down and tell us about it.”
I guess I can’t really help this smile. I sit down beside Nicola. “Are you working tonight?” I ask her.
“Yeah, soon. Bram has Ava,” she says quickly. “But don’t change the subject. You owe us. Tell us everything.”
“What happened?” Steph asks, leaning forward excitedly, gipping her beer hard. “He came here looking for you, you know, and- “
“Yeah, you gave him my address.”
“Would you rather I hadn’t?”
I shake my head. If she hadn’t, last night might have never happened.
“You know that he was only with Justine because of Bram,” Nicola adds.
“I know, I know,” I tell her, trying not to think about it. “He explained.”
“And then you fucked,” Steph says with a nod.
I eye her. “That we did.”
“Well,” Nicola says, staring at me with big, eager eyes. “How was it?”
I lean back against the seat. “It’s hard to say.”
“What?” Steph asks incredulously. “You mean you’re not about to wax on about his Hulk penis?”
Old Kayla would have waxed on about any Hulk penis she may have encountered but this Kayla…this Kayla didn’t feel like talking about Lachlan that way.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” I tell her.
“That bad, huh?” Nicola says sympathetically.
“No,” I say quickly. “No, no. It was the opposite of bad. It was…” I shake my head back and forth, trying to think of the right word, “earth-shattering. Life-changing. His cock has ruined me for all other cocks on earth.”
Nicola and Steph exchange a look.
“Uh,” Steph says. “Wow.”
“Yeah. I’m so scared.” So screwed.
A lengthy pause.
“So there was Hulk penis,” Steph goes on.
I give her a look. “His dick is ridiculously proportioned to his body and he’s already a huge man. That’s all I’m going to say.”
“Good thing you’ve had a lot of practice to loosen you up,” Nicola says with a smirk.
“Shut up.”
“So now what?” Steph says.
“What do you mean?” I ask carefully.
She shrugs and takes a swig of her beer. “Well, he’s leaving.”
“Yes, I know.”
“So…are you going to see him again before that?”
I fish my phone out of my pocket and glance at it. “I have two hours before I’m meeting him at his apartment. This will be the last time you’ll see me until he leaves. Does that answer your question?”
“Got it,” Nicola says.
“Kind of a bummer, huh?” Steph muses. “I mean…you’ve finally got him – and he’s going.”
I sigh heavily and brush my hair back from my face. “Yeah, thems the breaks though, right? I mean, heaven forbid I actually get a chance with the first guy I’ve fallen for ever since Kyle.”
Both of them stare at me with open mouths and it takes me a moment to realize what I’ve said out loud, what I haven’t even admitted to myself.
“Oh my god,” Steph says. “Are you saying that you’re in…”
I eye her sharply. “No.” I clear my throat. “No. I’m not. Obviously. I don’t know him. It’s still just…a crush, whatever.”
“This is way more than that,” Nicola says. “It’s okay to admit it, Kayla. It’s about time you felt something for someone.”
“Is it about time?” I challenge. “Because this is shitty timing. I don’t want to feel anything more for him than just seeing him as a vehicle for awesome sex. Really. So let’s forget I said anything. I’ve got one week to have my mind blown and then he’ll leave and I’ll go back to being me again. Fuck. It’s better than nothing.”
Nicola’s lips scrunch together, looking stupidly sad.
“What now?” I ask, rolling my eyes.
“You’re going to get your heart broken.”
“What?” I exclaim, slapping my palms on the table.
“Nic,” Steph admonishes. “Way to be optimistic.”
The blood is rolling in my head too loudly, I can barely hear Nicola. “I’m just saying if I were you,” she explains, “and I finally started to have feelings for a guy and I only had a week with him, I think I’d be heart-broken.”
“That’s because you’re a sap,” I tell her snidely. “Even though you weren’t such a pussy before Bram got his dick in you.”
“He was the right dick,” she counters. “And this is your right dick.”
“Look,” Steph interjects, “we’ve all the got right dick right now. But Kayla and Lachlan are way, way different than Linden and I. Or you and Bram, Nic.”
Somehow I’m finding a way to take offense to that. “Oh yeah, how so?”
Steph’s brows raise to the ceiling. “Well. As you just said, you don’t know Lachlan. He doesn’t know you.”
“And he’s leaving, so you don’t even have the time to get to know each other.”
“True,” I say, dragging the word out.
“And even though you seem a bit softer around the edges these days, you’re still you, Kayla. I bet even if he wasn’t leaving, you’d find some excuse to pull back and extract yourself. So, actually, contrary to what Nicola thinks, I think this relationship, arrangement, whatever it is, is tailored made for Kayla Moore.” She raises her beer in the air and looks me hard in the eye. “You go and screw the hell out of him this week. For those about to fuck, we salute you.”
Nicola grumbles something but raises her glass.
I don’t have a glass so I can only nod at them. “Well, all right then. To fucking.”
“To fucking,” they say in unison.

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