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Découvrez un extrait en avant-première du second roman dans la série TATTOOED de l’auteur américaine Alicia Rae intitulé TATTOOED SCARS.


Raelyn Jennings sait une chose pour sûr. Elle aime Damien Heathman avec chaque fibre de son corps. Une vie sans lui ne vaut pas la peine d’être vécue. Damien n’est jamais tombé amoureux jusqu’à Raelyn. Elle illumine chaque recoin sombre de son coeur. Elle est tout pour lui, sa seule raison de vivre. La détermination sans faille de Damien refuse de laisser qui que ce soit ou quoique ce soit les séparer. Mais bientôt, le passé respectif de Raelyn et Damien vient mettre en danger leur avenir commun, testant leur amour inconditionnel l’un pour l’autre.

Les secrets de Damien cachés sous les cicatrices et les tatouages menacent de refaire surface lorsque Raelyn est confrontée à des décisions impossibles qui doivent être prises. Est-ce que Damien sera capable de convaincre Raelyn de prendre des risques dans l’espoir de voir leur relation perdurer? Est-ce que Raelyn choisira le chemin le plus sûr qui vient avec ses limites? Il n’y a pas de temps à perdre parce que leur temps est compté.

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2. Tattooed Scars

Amazon.fr (sortie le 8 décembre 2016)



Extrait : (en anglais)

“You know,” he began softly, “there is plenty of room in my closet for you to keep some of your clothes here.”

His comment caught me off guard, and my heart constricted with one hard squeeze before it sped up with an uneven rhythm.

“Uh,” I stammered before closing my mouth, unsure of how to respond.

He inquisitively stared at me as I parted my lips to try again.

“I don’t know.” I blinked in shock. “I think it’s too soon to be thinking about that.”

Damien arched a brow, and I just knew he was going to hit me with a comeback.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he teasingly narrowed his eyes at me as he said, “Nothing is too soon with you.”

He took deliberate steps toward me, and that domineering persona that I loved about him was evident in every single one of his purposeful strides toward me.

“In fact, we are going to your place tonight after work to pack some things for you to bring here.”

“What?” I screeched, gaping at him. “I’m not moving in with you!”

Without saying a word, he lifted his phone in his hand, which I hadn’t noticed he was still holding, and he tapped on the screen.

A devious smirk appeared on his face before he spoke into the line, “Zoey, something came up that I must deal with. I’ll see you at ten.”

Just when I thought my mouth couldn’t possibly hang open any more, it did. “You have lost your mind.”

He continued to stalk toward me.

I glared at him as I backed up to the headboard behind me, increasing the distance between us. I wouldn’t be able to keep my head straight if Damien put his hands on me. My body would willingly cave to his over-the-top demands.

Damien was my weakness and my strength, rolled into one massive wave of passion.

He knelt on the bed and slowly came closer. All the while, the look in his eyes darkened with unmistakable desire.

He was going to devour me.

“What are you doing?” I lifted my right foot and pressed it to his stomach to halt his advance. “Stop right there.” My voice, laced with warning, trailed off as my attention caught on his erection.

It was heavy and hard.

I drank in each defined muscle of his abs as they flexed with each of his movements.

Strength and dominance rippled out of him.

Damien gently grasped ahold of my ankle. “I’m giving you a reminder.”

“A reminder?” I wiggled my leg in an attempt to shake it free. “Of what?” I asked, damn well knowing the answer.

This was one of those times when he wanted control, and I refused to give him the satisfaction of surrendering so easily.

Who am I kidding?

It was useless. I was a goner.


>> AUTEUR <<

En bref : Elizabeth Reyes est un auteur classé au palmarès des best-sellers de USA Today. Son pseudonyme est Alicia Rae et elle écrit des romances contemporaines de Dekalb dans l’Illinois où elle vit avec son mari et ses trois garçons. Alicia adore lire des romances, écrire et la photographie de mariage.


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