Découvrez un extrait de STARDUST DESTINY de l’auteur Nazarea Andrews en avant-première.


Le visage qui a lancé des milliers de bateaux sur la mer…

J’ai grandi en connaissant le destin qui m’était réservé. Mon père me l’a dit cent fois, mon frère me le répète chaque jour. Je suis la seule fille du syndicat du crime Orsi, le beau prix à gagner qui apportera la paix. Mon seul job est d’épouser Callum Sheehan, le boss vicieux de la mafia irlandaise de Chicago. Je n’ai jamais questionné mon avenir…jusqu’à ce que je le rencontre.

L’homme qui n’était jamais censé tomber amoureux d’elle…

Je ne comptais pas venir au mariage. Ça craint que mon frère y soit obligé. Les choses que mon père exige de l’héritier du cartel Sosa… Pas moi heureusement. Je suis le vilain petit canard, celui que ma mère gâte et que mon père aime mais la pression de la succession en moins. Mais Sheehan est trop important pour que je n’assiste pas à son grand jour. Et puis, je la vois…

L’histoire d’amour qui a déclenché une guerre…

Elle n’est pas pour moi. Elle ne sera jamais pour moi. Je la vois dépérir lorsque personne ne prête attention. Je la vois épouser un autre homme. Je vois son courage. Et je me fiche qu’elle soit destinée à un autre homme et que je puisse déclencher une guerre entre nos deux familles. Je suis prêt à tout pour l’avoir. Je mettrai le monde sens dessus dessous s’il le faut.


I step onto the roof, and pull out a cigarette. The sun has dropped, and the wind is ripping along, and even in the middle of summer, it’s cold.

“Fuck,” I mutter, trying to light the damn cigarette.

A dainty hand reaches out and lifts a lit cherry to my cigarette and I pull on it, smiling my thanks when it catches and nicotine and smoke flood my lungs.

I grin down at her, and freeze.

The girl in front of me is gorgeous.

Not the typical beauty that I fall into bed with so often. She’s small, almost a head shorter than me, with delectable curves, and sun-warm skin that begs to be touched. Long golden brown hair tumbles to the middle of her back, loose, wind tousled curls.

But it’s her little smirk, and her eyes. Ancient and wide, the deep blue of the ocean when the water is getting deep and dangerous and just as secretive, as she grins at me, and lifts that half smoked cigarette.

Her lips hold it in place as she pulls her hair back in a loose, messy pony tail and I want to feel them. Taste her lips.

“Didn’t think anyone else was stupid enough to come up here. It’s called the windy city for a reason,” she says, and I blink at her.

“You’re out here.” I point out. She shrugs and makes a tiny face, all wrinkled nose and scrunched eyes. It’s not the kind of calculated sexy pout so many girls practice. It’s too goofy to be anything but real, and I’m fascinated that any girl could be so fucking goofy without worrying about the effect it has on her chances of landing in my bed.

“I’m crazy. Obviously,” she says, deadpan, and I laugh, a startled noise. She grins and turns away, lifting her cigarette again. I watch her sidelong as we smoke and she stares out at the other buildings.

“You know it’s creeper behavior to stare, right?” she says, a smile in her voice.

I grin, “Maybe. But when you run into a crazy girl on the roof with a lighter, she deserves a few extra glances.”

Her gaze turns severe. “Don’t flirt, smoker boy. Just smoke your cigarette and be good company like a nice boy.”

“Ah, but that’s your mistake.” I say, smiling and prowling closer to her.

What is?”

“You think I’m a nice boy.” I murmur and her breath hitches. Her eyes are wide as I drop my cigarette and put it out with my shoe, and I can see the frantic pound of her pulse in the hollow of her throat. She’s leaning against the half wall that surrounds the roof, and I have the insane urge to press her into it, lean her over it and kiss her senseless.

I blink, and step back. “Why are you here?” I ask.

She lets out a breath I didn’t realize she was holding and wilts with disappointment. She takes the final drag of her cigarette and tosses it over the side of the roof. “Family business,” she says tightly and gives me one more devastating smile before she slides past me and pushes open the door. She glances back at me, and there it is. The coy smile. The one that is all sex and promises. “Stay out of trouble, nice boy.”

>> LIENS <<

En vente prochainement! (sortie prévue en Janvier 2016)


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