Découvrez la couverture de LIFEBLOOD de l’auteur américaine Gena Showalter, la suite de FIRSTBLOOD, sa nouvelle série Young Adult, qui sort le 28 Février 2017.

Le synopsis est encore tenu secret mais je vous invite à découvrir un extrait vu sur le webzine Entertainment Weekly! Un aperçu ci-dessous…


Killian’s words echo through my mind. Either we fight, or we lose. 

Fight each other to win the war? Or fight for each other?

I suspect the former, and my tears—such silly, useless tears—spill over my cheeks, leaving hot, stinging tracks in their wake. I thought I was prepared to give up everything for my realm of choice. I thought I could live with any consequences.

But the cost is far too high.

At this point in my life—or death, I correct myself, with a humorless laugh—I trust only two people.  Killian, my ML, and Archer, my TL, the boy I loved like a brother. But Archer died trying to save me. He died today. Worse, he died for nothing!  And now I’ve lost Killian, too.

Grief clings to me with unrelenting determination, wrapping strong arms around me. It kisses my cheek and rests its head on my shoulder. It whispers, “There’s nothing you can do.”

Sorrow and helplessness join the pity party, and I despise both. These emotions are not innocent; they are deadly. They devoured my past, eating at my happiness until no more remained; I can’t cede my present or my future.

I speak the promise burning a hole in my heart. “You matter to me, Killian.”

A muscle jumps underneath his eye. “Do I?” The roughness of his tone guts me.

I’ve never ascribed to the notion that words are enough, and I’ve never trusted those who huff and puff, furious when someone dares to question another’s claim of affection. I won’t pretend otherwise just because a spotlight now shines on me.

My actions will make or break us.

“You do,” I say, lifting my chin, “and I’ll prove it.”

La suite, ici !!!!

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