Découvrez un extrait de WITHHOLDING NOTHING de l’auteur américaine Victoria Bright dont la sortie est prévue le 29 Mars prochain.


Le code des filles qui dit « les copines avant les mecs » devrait inclure qu’aucune amie ne devrait vous piquer votre mec – et l’épouser. Lorsque le plan d’Ashton Carter de se venger, qui pourtant avait l’air d’être une bonne idée sur le moment, prend l’eau, elle ne s’attendait pas à revoir son ex…aux tribunaux. Quelques milliers de dollars en dommages et intérêts plus tard, elle décroche un job d’opératrice au téléphone rose et se dégote un colocataire pour l’aider à financer ses dépenses pour rester hors de taule. Avoir un colocataire aurait dû être pratique sauf quand il s’avère qu’il est le mécanicien canon qui répare sa voiture.

Quand Ashton apprend que son nouveau colocataire est son client du téléphone rose, la frontière entre fantasme et réalité devient floue. C’était supposé être un bon plan sans contrainte ni attache; ni l’un ni l’autre n’est prêt pour retomber amoureux. Lorsqu’une visite surprise de son ex chamboule leur relation naissante avec un ultimatum, Ashton doit faire le point sur ses sentiments et prendre une décision. Avec sa relation et son job en danger, Ashton doit faire le tri entre fantasme et réalité dans un dernier effort de protéger son cœur.



Extrait : (en anglais)

“You must be the deer killer,” I stated with a smirk. The stress that once filled her face quickly morphed into irritation.
“Excuse me?” she spat. So sexy when she’s mad.
I nodded toward her car. “This is your car, isn’t it? The one you hit the deer with last night?”
She folded her arms across her chest, her eyes narrowing at me. “Were you there to see me hit it?” she asked.
And she was a smart ass. How cute.
“Well, with the blood on your car, the alien egg on your forehead there, and the fact that you’re not in jail for hitting a person…I think it’s safe to assume you’re the deer killer,” I stated, the smirk never leaving my face. Her tanned skin turned a light shade of red as she placed the baseball cap back on her head, trying to rearrange her bangs to hide the knot. I glanced over to her two friends, both of them watching us with grins plastered to their faces.
“Hey, space cadet, want to come back to Earth to tell me the damage or are you just going to stare at my friends?” she snapped.
“You’re funny, you know that?” I mused, wagging my finger at her. She rolled her eyes. “First, I’ll properly introduce myself. I’m—”
“An asshole,” she interrupted. I chuckled.
“Sadly, that isn’t it, though I’ve been called that plenty of times.”
“Yeah, I don’t doubt that,” she muttered under her breath. “Look, I don’t care what your name is. Just tell me what’s going on with my car.”
“The deer killer is impatient, I see,” I said, ignoring the glare she gave me. “In order to get an idea, I need to know the details of what happened.”
She looked at me with wide eyes and exaggerated shock as she placed her hand on her chest. “Details, you say?” she asked. “But I thought you had it all figured out ‘considering that I’m not in jail, that there’s blood over my car, and I have an alien egg on my forehead,’ remember? Now Inspector Gadget wants details!”
I stare at her for a moment, my smirk never wavering. “Are you done? I mean I have all day, pretty lady. Keep going if that’s what excites you.”
She scowled. “Whatever. I hit a deer and ran into a ditch. The end.”
“I see. Did you see how big it was?”
“Hell if I know. It was dark,” she muttered.
I took a few steps away from her and re-examined the front of the car once more, stroking the stubble on my chin.
“Well, you’ll need a windshield, hood, a few parts to reconstruct the front, like a grill and headlights. You’re also leaking antifreeze, so you’ll have to get that fixed. I wouldn’t be surprised if you need a new radiator either. This deer did a number on your car,” I said. She looked at the car warily, nibbling on her bottom lip again. Wonder if they’re as soft as they look.
“How far in the hole am I then?” she asked, wringing her hands together.
“It’s still too early to know officially since I haven’t looked under the hood yet, but just by looking at it…probably $2,500 if I don’t find anything else.”
“Fuck!” She pinched the bridge of her nose and blew out a breath. “I’m so fucked.” She stumbled forward slightly, her hand catching against the window.
“Whoa, you all right?” I asked, securing her other arm. She snatched away from me.
“Don’t touch me,” she said, her voice a bit breathless. I held my hands up stepped back. That was probably well-deserved considering I’d been acting like an ass.
“Okay then. I’ll be sure to look away when you’re ready to faceplant into the ground and crack your head open.”
“Stop talking while you’re ahead, asshole,” she snapped. “I’m fine. I just need a minute.”

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